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Intimate Care: Necessity, Not Taboo

Talking about intimate care can often be considered as a taboo even after all these years of wellness education. But let's try to connect these dots with our personal hygiene instead. Not taking care of an intimate area from time to time leads to the collection of dirt and sweat, which leads to foul odor and penile infections. So men too require to use an intimate wash that is gentle and equally effective. 

Here are some effective ways to incorporate in your daily routine


Intimate region needs a gentle wash regularly. The regular personal hygiene products may be a little too harsh for intimate areas PH level. Hence invest in a good intimate wash for men to avoid any infections, itching or allergies caused due to sensitivity. Remember to not over wash and dry out the region.


Invest in underwear that are made of natural and sustainable ingredients. Synthetic fabrics may have trouble as they are chemically blended. Always, by principle, change your underwear regularly as sweating can cause bacteria build-up.


Try to shower up with room temperature water. Try to use vegan and natural body washes which are gentle to the skin and would keep your skin healthy and also prevent any kind of infections from spreading in your intimate area.

We can just not emphasize enough on how important intimate hygiene is, and we would keep on educating you about it in depth with our further content

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