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Beard Bake Book

There has always been a debate over what looks better on a man, dapper beard or a clean shaven look. Though some who detest sleazy looks and like it suave, might prefer clean shaven, others who like it a little rugged and stern, opt for a beard. Throughout the years, there have been numerous transitions in the significance of a beard. Some mystics say in the early times beards were nothing but a way of protection for the face from harmful elements and hence, acted like a natural shield. Some considered it as a way of intimidation and more manlier, something that has been considered very prominent till date. Men who like to keep beards have the majestic lion as their spirit animal!

Today, a beard is not considered to be a notion of a disheveled personality, rather a symbol of a more powerful, protective and respected one. The only tweak that modern men have is a better trimmed and well maintained beard. Well quite frankly, that is what we are here to guide you for.

Men’s beard is like makeup to women - so we need to be on top of our game when it comes to both the beard and your hairstyles. You are never taught how to grow a beard, it is a natural process. But what can be learnt is how to maintain it and learn about what looks best on you. Test and try is the mantra! You need to make sure that you keep your beard hair and follicles moisturised as it will prevent your beard from getting dry and brittle. Dry hair is prone to breakage hence, can slow down your beard growth process. You can try our beard serum which is non-sticky, feels light on your skin and also protects your skin from harmful sun rays.

Moving forward we have different kinds of beard styles, so if you are growing one  then you can consider that the beard neckline, nose lines and cheek lines should be well defined. Our ultimate motto is to add a certain dimension to our face. One should always opt for beard styles aligning with their face shape.

Just like our skin needs moisturising and nourishment, our beards too need that delicacy. Use a hair and beard serum every day for nourishment, removal of frizz and strengthening the hair shaft to promote hair growth. This step will ensure an even growth and maintenance of your beard.

Remember, efforts matter and not myths and folklores. No superfoods can grow your beard faster and thicker until you start taking it as a priority to take care of yourself and nourish it accordingly.

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